His eyes, in literal

His eyes, in literal The person developed by art also differs in that from the person who is esthetically not developed that it has sense organs more sensitive and clever.

His eyes, in literal sense, see in things much more significant, than an undeveloped eye.

In this regard art participates not only in development of art, but also universal abilities of the person and, in particular, the child.

Besides work as fingers develops coordination of movements, the speech, and it is important for the child.

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Understand? Not so business

Understand? Not so business Understand?

Not so business is that one pedagogical belief is correct, and another is false; no, it is necessary to tell more rigidly: the aspiration to be good, that is aspiration to be truthful, kind and beautiful, that is spirituality, is the only thing, on what we can count, raising children, and all the rest empty chatter.

Well to do, prick it so?

If to choose the shortest, most poetical and most exact definition of the person, we will use Pushkin lines: You to which the destiny gave Both courageous mind, and spirit high From many qualities of mind Pushkin most of all appreciated courage it.

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Here to you spoon

Here to you spoon Guests to the yard Porridge on a table.

To it is on a plateau, To it is on a silver platter, To it is in a cup, To it is in a pan, And gave nothing to it.

You did not carry water, You did not cook some porridge.

Here to you spoon Weld to yourself a squash.

Here stub, Here pack, Here firewood, Here hot water.

Massage or selfmassage Breath exercise Elaboration of the correct diafragmalny breath.

Game task Ball a Dimple.

Make a deep breath.

Your tummy became similar to a ball.

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Now, if the similar

Now, if the similar It very much irritated me because, appear, Sara was deaf to my requests.

Therefore I spanked her, took away to the room and strictly ordered not to leave it until she does not behave properly.

Now, if the similar occurs, I ask it to cease only once.

If it does not react to my request in any way, I gently take her by hand and I bring to other room or, say, to the street.

More I tell nothing to it.

After all she and so perfectly knows that it is impossible to run in this part of the apartment.

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The monologue

The monologue The story description promotes development of intellectual operations of the analysis and synthesis, observation, thinking and imagination.

The monologue description develops ability to observe, allocate in observed subjects of part and signs main and minor, adequately to designate them words at children.

Questions: What do you know about a subject?

What will the subject tell about itself?

are directed both on a general characteristic of a subject, and on establishment of interactions of this subject with environment.

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