Therefore And our country especially needs changes to the best.

Our children who will become heads soon, lawyers, teachers, parents, will be the people forming society of the future.

Therefore that dreams of free, peace Earth were embodied in reality, we can make the contribution, bringing up the free, cheerful, sociable people enriched with knowledge of the opportunities able to achieve goals the people executed respect for themselves and world around.

We are glad to submit the book Pleasure of Education.

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Money For most

Money For most Relieving children of fears and hatred, we pave the way of a new civilization of good manners.

Money For most of children money is a love symbol: The uncle Bill gives me two and a half shillings, and the aunt Margaret five; therefore, the aunt loves me more, than the uncle Bill.

Parents subconsciously feel it and too often spoil the child, giving him a lot of money.

The unloved child quite often receives pocket money more, than other children, as some kind of compensation.

It is impossible to avoid recognition of a role of money in life, it is imposed to us from everywhere.

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As a result

As a result Here anything new is not present, all parents do and always made this choice, but many chose and choose a cultural row at the expense of the moral.

As a result children both immoral, and uncouth grow up.

Children grow up uncouth not because to them give not enough culture but because to them try to impart only one culture, without moral.

In education, as well as everywhere, the tough rule works: Cut your coat according to the cloth.

We buy things on means, we build the house on means, all of us in life do on means.

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Together Today Rohm with Irina invite us to the village.

Together with them we will repeat sounds r, r.

Development of phonemic perception Game Catch a Sound.

We with Roma will call words, and you clap if in the word there is a sound r, raise a hand if hear a sound r.

Words road, sidewalk, trees, hand, lake, tractor, trolleybus.

Pronunciation of sounds in words The picture If We Were Artists is exposed.

It is the house in which there live Roma and Irina.

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In spirituality

In spirituality Spirituality not one of many qualities of the person, and, above all, it determines all his moral advantages, his price.

In spirituality possibilities of education are put.

In whatever adverse conditions the little person, I grew, his tutor, I have opportunity and force to influence his soul because the high spirit is always stronger than inspirituality.

To bring up means in spiritual communication to excite and support belief in the truth, feeling of love to people and hope for harmony of the world, to strengthen creative will to the truth, good and beauty.

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