And what

And what Anything more terrible does not happen.

And what word shadow strong here!

Quite so: gray equality of the good and evil as a shadow, falls by the earth as though the solar eclipse comes an eclipse of hearts.


Everything became a moral shadow.

People not only listen to the good and evil indifferently, but are indifferent to everything that becomes, whether good, angrily, to them is indifferent as it is called and, therefore, as to treat him.

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If it was not, it should

If it was not, it should This question is vital.

It is connected with an illness of our world in which hatred accompanies the person from the nursery to a grave.

Of course, in the world there is a lot of also love.

If it was not, it should grieve over mankind only.

Each parent and each teacher have to very much try to find in himself this love.

Lie If the child lies, he or you is afraid, or you copies.

At false parents false children grow up.

If you want to hear the truth from the child, do not lie to him.

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If we well

If we well But after all the shame disappears, in it its feature.

Than more people know about my shame, with that to me is more sick; therefore I hide it.

The shame torments, it try to hide.

Are ashamed of shame.

If we well understand the child and we believe in him, ourselves feel that it is a shame to him, and on that, it is possible to consider, the conflict is settled.

The child suffered for the offense enough: he is punished by own shame.

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Here that

Here that Children began to forget about the duties, and mother adapted to solve this problem by means of pokrikivaniye or slaps.

This mother is too strict and, that without wishing, sets children an example of compulsory impact on the personality.

Here that she could make.

IF children violated the obligation, next time when they bring the food to the room where there is a TV, mother could take away silently all food and to carry away back on kitchen.

At desire she could tell them by a quiet, but strict voice: You violated the obligation, and I do not wish that you now ate here.

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The child

The child The child whom learn to be unselfish, will obey to requirements of mother to please her.

It will bury in subconsciousness the original desires selfish desires and thanks to it will keep them and remains selfish for the rest of life.

So moral education achieves the objectives, opposite that which put.

Similarly affairs and in the sexual sphere are.

A moral ban of the childhood fixes infantile interest in sex.

Unfortunate guys who are arrested for infantile sexual actions display to schoolgirls of obscene photos or game with the genitals on public it is people who had highly moral mothers.

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