Everything I silently hung up.

To a throat nausea rose; I all shivered for anger and disappointment.


Harlou did not even ask that occurred!

Did not come to its mind that it is worth listening also to other party.

Everything is very simple: I not such as everything means, I am guilty of everything!

Templ who calls?

mother asked from a drawing room.

It me?


I made a deep breath and entered a drawing room where all family gathered.

Mother read aloud to sisters and the brother; the father had a rest after work with the newspaper in hands.

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The earth

The earth Walls and a ceiling were turned together with me, and I seemed to myself the mighty empress of the world: after all I should have wanted and all room started shaking!

Sometimes I went to the yard and turned on a rope swing, as on a roundabout.

The earth and the sky span round me, and I was happy.

Of course, ordinary children too like to shake on a swing, but only autichny are capable to enjoy for hours process of rotation.

In an internal ear at the person the mechanism agreeing on information arriving from visual and vestibular receptors is located.

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Honest. She was the dark, uneducated

Honest. She was the dark, uneducated To it did not impart idea of honesty and decency?

No, having conceived the business, she asked the girlfriend to collect and bring allegedly for purchase of boots of rubles exactly so much, how many for her it was necessary on a dress, because it was not necessary for me any excess ruble as she wrote in the indications.


She was the dark, uneducated person?

No, Ira studied at English school, it as it is told in the characteristic made after a crime not without justification considered as one of the most developed and widelyread schoolgirls, its judgments about literature and music were interesting and substantial, her composition on Chernyshevsky was noted at city teachers conference, she was executive, diligent, was engaged in selfeducation.

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The teacher

The teacher Development of phonemic perception Find pictures in which name there is a sound with, and put them to a page letter.

Before the child pictures in which name there are sounds with and z give all the best.

The teacher calls words, and the child finds the necessary picture.

Definition of a position of a sound in words.

Reading syllables a mustache, a sou, wasps, with Occupation Automation of a sound with in syllables with confluence of consonants Development of an articulation motility Coordination of breath, articulation and fonation.

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What do we see at the left, and what

What do we see at the left, and what Will incline!

head forward down exhalation nose.

Lets look, whether will be rain to Raise the head in an initial position, then to cast away back a breath a mouth, to return to an initial position an exhalation a nose.

What do we see at the left, and what on the right?

To look to the right to see watermelon, to look on the left to see melon.

To turn the head in the parties: on the left a breath a nose directly an exhalation a mouth; to the right a breath a mouth directly an exhalation a nose.

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