Except social

Except social Except social justice or injustice, there are also troubles, losses, misfortunes, diseases, and they drop out at all not that who deserved them who itself is guilty.

From the first days of life bringing up the child encouragement and punishments, that is trying to influence him directly, we strongly facilitate to ourselves education work, but at the same time we introduce an image of a universal carrot and stick in consciousness of the child and we undermine his belief in justice.

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At weekly

At weekly Mostly I tried to fit into a situation and not to create to people around of excess problems.

And my efforts did not remain without award.

I was awarded elections in school committee.

At weekly allschool meetings I was police officer: kept order and if ktonibud started whispering and disturbing meeting, brought names of violators in a special book.

I very much wanted to get to committee and for the sake of such purpose refused the usual entertainments like hiding of someone elses clothes before a physical education class.

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A certain

A certain My work on behavior of cattle and the treatment of him became pioneer in this area.

Teachers of college, whose scientific interests lay in the field of veterinary science and healthy nutrition, did not understand, what here in general to investigate.

Their misunderstanding urged forward my tendency to fixings and gave me additional motivation for occupations in the field.

A certain degree of obstinacy is necessary for achievement of any purpose.

Otherwise I could tell: The hell with them, I will write chtonibud such that will be pleasant to teachers.

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And the more

And the more Slightly more slowly!

The quicker we seek to make something, the we put bigger pressure upon our children.

And the more we press on them, the they become more tenacious.

Act slightly more slowly!

We have no time for rash actions!

How to affect the twoyearold child Most of all efforts the child at the age of two years delivers to parents.

We often hear that the twoyearold child shows excessive obstinacy, provocatively behaves and from all words prefers only one no.

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Only this

Only this In general parents should confer perhaps heavy responsibility on the child, ensuring thus properly its physical safety.

Only this way it is possible to develop selfconfidence at the child.

Obedience and discipline There is a blasphemous question: and why, actually, the child has to obey?

I answer it so: he has to obey to satisfy aspiration of the adult to the power, why still?

Well, you will tell, he after all can have wet feet if does not obey the instruction to put on boots; it can fall down from the rock if does not obey to a fatherly hail.

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