Noun gender. About

Noun gender. About What is it?

That this word means?

Why this subject so is called?

Guess, who it?

I will speak about any animal, and you will tell how it is called.

Noun gender.

About what can tell these words?

wash yours ours it mine yours ours it mine yours ours them Nouns of the only thing and plural in imenitelny and genitive cases One is a lot of.

There is a lot of a little.

At whom one?

At whom there is a lot of?

Who has not enough?

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I knew the father, very

I knew the father, very The child as the textbook, it demands full attention.

I knew the father, very busy and seldom staying at home person.

He delivered himself the rule: half an hour in day on the daughter; but he prepared for these halfhour meetings, thought out games, songs, problems, he completely gave to the girl half an hour in day.

And after all it is more expensive to education, than the whole day of semiattentive, optional, casual, scattered communication which offends the child and induces to pranks and mischief.

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If the child

If the child I believe that the child should give opportunity to come to understanding of value of things on the basis of own free choice.

When children leave a preadolescent stage of indifference to property, they get respect for property.

If the child naturally lived the period of indifference to things, it is a little probable that he sometime became the speculator and the exploiter.

Girls usually do not put too serious destructions because their imaginations do not demand the piracy ships and gangster dismantlings.

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I spent Christmas

I spent Christmas This fourth large improvement of my press car.

And each improvement helps me stronger to overcome everything the taktilnozashchitny behavior which is fencing off me from other world.

I spent Christmas of in the parental house, suffering from one of the nervous attacks, strongest in life.

As its main reason loss of a habitual situation served that is always hard transferred at autism.

Other reason a season.

Did not manage to dawn as right there darkened.

Some years I lived in Arizona and was engaged in habitual work and suddenly absolutely other conditions, events, duties.

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Call all sounds

Call all sounds For example: noise, mouse, step, calm, fish soup, ear, onions, varnish, juice, son, dream, cheese, moss, poppy, nose, som, mine, whale, current, so, May, echo, Kim, emu, they, lump, already.

Call all sounds one after another.

How many sounds in the word?

How many consonants?

Call a vowel.

After children seized the sound analysis of the words consisting of three sounds it is possible to get to work on the sound analysis and synthesis of the words consisting of four sounds, for example: cinema, horses, notes, cats, whales, Nina, mother, father, sieve, sledge, puma, fox, pony, ooze, Tim, duck, ducks.

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