Healthy sex for certain

Healthy sex for certain Lawrence, of course, did not mean that it is impossible to masturbate, he showed what exactly unhealthy sexual life compels to resort to masturbation in combination with imaginations about movie stars.

Healthy sex for certain would look for the partner closer.

Think of huge profits which are taken from the suppressed sex by the people occupied in the industry of fashion, dealers in lipstick, church, theater and a cinema, authors of bestsellers and producers of stockings.

Would be silly to say that sexually free society would cancel beautiful clothes, of course not.

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Now, years

Now, years It touched us in an odnomedinstvenny case when wanted to spank.

Now, years later, I understand that Ms.

Cray felt, loud sounds are how unpleasant to me.

The matter is that noise not only frightens the autichny child, but also brings it almost physical pain.

Festive parties were real torture for me.

Suddenly in the house there were many people; all of them terribly rustled, and then also promptly kudato disappeared.

And I was protected only in the ways available to me: beat other children or threw through all room any subject which appeared near at hand whether it be a plate, a glass or an ashtray.

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The only child

The only child The only child can be not worse than other children under that only condition that his parents understand: one cannot be brought up in the same way, as five or seven; it is necessary somehow in a different way.

The loner boy moreover without father moreover in an environment of the same loner boys without fathers, how to raise such children?

Moreover after all it is children of an era of television who knows, what in the head of the child, threefour hours in day sitting at the TV?

Enough separate, casual, diverse impressions in a huge number?

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Therefore To ask lessons from the tenthgrader who did not do them from the sixth class, nonsense.

It cannot prepare for examinations if before did not study but only sat at school.

Therefore each parental reproach, in itself fair, bores on the guy only.

He is also glad to study and cannot, so unsuccessfully there was its school destiny.

What now and to damn it?

And to vinovatit it?

To it and to make daily rows which on a step do not advance business, and only cause animosity?

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I descend

I descend At a sparrow of a nozhenk, Oh, as was ill!

Oh, as was ill!

To smooth with a hand a sore foot.

To represent a crane who costs on one foot, goes to a bog, catches frogs.

Crane On a bog I go, Extensively I look.

Often I bend down, I eat Klyukovka.

I descend on a streamlet, I will make to myself a tea.

I will drinkdrink, The summer is red to remember.


Bokov Vertisheyki In a hollow at a motley vertisheyka Baby birds turn a neck Put out sticky tongue, On all hiss an angry snake.

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