Everything Do not trouble him, do not use, achieve the objectives at own expense, and only for the due to the work, the experience, the knowledge, the sufferings, the forces, the time, the property, the abilities, the skill, the health or maybe the life.

But also do not encroach on yourself!

Encroach on the life and the health only for the sake of such purposes which cost life and health.

Everything in what there is no infringement of the person, is moral.

I did not manage to think up the purpose which would be immoral in itself.

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I did not notice

I did not notice Nortrup when I told some words well, I at her also did not say them.

I did not notice that though ktoto in camp had sympathy to Templ.

All of them could not wait when get rid of it.

When I took away Templ and already seated her in the car, the nurse said, having represented a warm smile: Wait, I will show you, what charming bagatelles of Templ made in infirmary!

Real little artist!

I nearly sniffed aloud.

The poor child was pumped up so hypnotic drugs that it could hardly draw a straight line!

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, and then

, and then, and then goes in a row: strutter, upstart, is brought, poses as, poses as not particularly whom, is exposed, and you who such?

, was here!

, we saw such, will think, too to me!

and so indefinitely, to rather recent do not arise, and all new and new words and expressions of this sort appear every day.

Do not put from yourself, do not try to seem better, than you are.

Be oneself.

In this world from its basis and up to now respect only those who estestven who looks such what it is actually.

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The girl

The girl The daughter sat quietly, rocking in the armchair rocking chair while the father read the newspaper.

The girl began to be shaken all quicker and quicker until the armchair overturned, and she did not appear under it, on a floor.

The father rejected at once the newspaper, ran up, picked up an armchair and released from under it the baby.

Then incurred it on hands in the chair and a quarter of hour calmed.

Three days later the girl again approached the father who read the newspaper.

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That evening, already

That evening, already Here example.

I was going to give lecture in the hometown and asked the son who at that time was eight years old, to go with me for moral support.

That evening, already going to a door, I incidentally looked at jeans in which was.


The naked knee of my son stuck out of a huge hole.

My heart stood with surprise.

I asked it to change clothes of them immediately.

He firmly told no, and I understood that to me not to cope with him.

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