Here if the child

Here if the child Here if the child has real hudozhestvennotvorchesky purposes and after carrying out the occupations offered in this work they by all means will arise!

, if he besides realizes that the disobedient hand prevents it to achieve these desired objectives, here then it will be able to exercise these qualities randomly.

And here again the child is come to the rescue by the adult, offering various game receptions thanks to which the hand of the child will become more flexible, more obedient to an eye and thought.

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Could and is worse

Could and is worse Told and forgot.

Could and is worse something tell But if I pass this bad word, without having noticed if anything in reply does not occur, later any time the boy and itself will cease to use strong words after all not in airless, not he lives in deserted space.

And if I concentrated its attention on the bad word, he forever would remember it, it would become stronger in his consciousness and the boy would know that as required it is possible to use this word he would see, what effect it has.

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