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His eyes, in literal

The person developed by art also differs in that from the person who is esthetically not developed that it has sense organs more sensitive and clever.His eyes, in literal sense, see in things much more significant, than an undeveloped eye.In this regard art participates not only in development of art, but also universal abilities of the person and, in particular, the child.Besides work as fingers develops coordination of movements, the speech, and it is important for the child.

Understand? Not so business

Understand?Not so business is that one pedagogical belief is correct, and another is false; no, it is necessary to tell more rigidly: the aspiration to be good, that is aspiration to be truthful, kind and beautiful, that is spirituality, is the only thing, on what we can count, raising children, and all the rest empty chatter.Well to do, prick it so?If to choose the shortest, most poetical and most exact definition of the person, we will use Pushkin lines: You to which the destiny gave Both courageous mind, and spirit high From many qualities of mind Pushkin most of all appreciated courage it.

Here to you spoon

Guests to the yard Porridge on a table.To it is on a plateau, To it is on a silver platter, To it is in a cup, To it is in a pan, And gave nothing to it.You did not carry water, You did not cook some porridge.Here to you spoon Weld to yourself a squash.Here stub, Here pack, Here firewood, Here hot water.Massage or selfmassage Breath exercise Elaboration of the correct diafragmalny breath.Game task Ball a Dimple.Make a deep breath.Your tummy became similar to a ball.

Now, if the similar

It very much irritated me because, appear, Sara was deaf to my requests.Therefore I spanked her, took away to the room and strictly ordered not to leave it until she does not behave properly.Now, if the similar occurs, I ask it to cease only once.If it does not react to my request in any way, I gently take her by hand and I bring to other room or, say, to the street.More I tell nothing to it.After all she and so perfectly knows that it is impossible to run in this part of the apartment.

The monologue

The story description promotes development of intellectual operations of the analysis and synthesis, observation, thinking and imagination.The monologue description develops ability to observe, allocate in observed subjects of part and signs main and minor, adequately to designate them words at children.Questions: What do you know about a subject?What will the subject tell about itself?are directed both on a general characteristic of a subject, and on establishment of interactions of this subject with environment.


And our country especially needs changes to the best.Our children who will become heads soon, lawyers, teachers, parents, will be the people forming society of the future.Therefore that dreams of free, peace Earth were embodied in reality, we can make the contribution, bringing up the free, cheerful, sociable people enriched with knowledge of the opportunities able to achieve goals the people executed respect for themselves and world around.We are glad to submit the book Pleasure of Education.

Money For most

Relieving children of fears and hatred, we pave the way of a new civilization of good manners.Money For most of children money is a love symbol: The uncle Bill gives me two and a half shillings, and the aunt Margaret five; therefore, the aunt loves me more, than the uncle Bill.Parents subconsciously feel it and too often spoil the child, giving him a lot of money.The unloved child quite often receives pocket money more, than other children, as some kind of compensation.It is impossible to avoid recognition of a role of money in life, it is imposed to us from everywhere.

As a result

Here anything new is not present, all parents do and always made this choice, but many chose and choose a cultural row at the expense of the moral.As a result children both immoral, and uncouth grow up.Children grow up uncouth not because to them give not enough culture but because to them try to impart only one culture, without moral.In education, as well as everywhere, the tough rule works: Cut your coat according to the cloth.We buy things on means, we build the house on means, all of us in life do on means.


Today Rohm with Irina invite us to the village.Together with them we will repeat sounds r, r.Development of phonemic perception Game Catch a Sound.We with Roma will call words, and you clap if in the word there is a sound r, raise a hand if hear a sound r.Words road, sidewalk, trees, hand, lake, tractor, trolleybus.Pronunciation of sounds in words The picture If We Were Artists is exposed.It is the house in which there live Roma and Irina.

In spirituality

Spirituality not one of many qualities of the person, and, above all, it determines all his moral advantages, his price.In spirituality possibilities of education are put.In whatever adverse conditions the little person, I grew, his tutor, I have opportunity and force to influence his soul because the high spirit is always stronger than inspirituality.To bring up means in spiritual communication to excite and support belief in the truth, feeling of love to people and hope for harmony of the world, to strengthen creative will to the truth, good and beauty.

And what

Anything more terrible does not happen.And what word shadow strong here!Quite so: gray equality of the good and evil as a shadow, falls by the earth as though the solar eclipse comes an eclipse of hearts.Shadow.Everything became a moral shadow.People not only listen to the good and evil indifferently, but are indifferent to everything that becomes, whether good, angrily, to them is indifferent as it is called and, therefore, as to treat him.

If it was not, it should

This question is vital.It is connected with an illness of our world in which hatred accompanies the person from the nursery to a grave.Of course, in the world there is a lot of also love.If it was not, it should grieve over mankind only.Each parent and each teacher have to very much try to find in himself this love.Lie If the child lies, he or you is afraid, or you copies.At false parents false children grow up.If you want to hear the truth from the child, do not lie to him.

If we well

But after all the shame disappears, in it its feature.Than more people know about my shame, with that to me is more sick; therefore I hide it.The shame torments, it try to hide.Are ashamed of shame.If we well understand the child and we believe in him, ourselves feel that it is a shame to him, and on that, it is possible to consider, the conflict is settled.The child suffered for the offense enough: he is punished by own shame.

Here that

Children began to forget about the duties, and mother adapted to solve this problem by means of pokrikivaniye or slaps.This mother is too strict and, that without wishing, sets children an example of compulsory impact on the personality.Here that she could make.IF children violated the obligation, next time when they bring the food to the room where there is a TV, mother could take away silently all food and to carry away back on kitchen.At desire she could tell them by a quiet, but strict voice: You violated the obligation, and I do not wish that you now ate here.

The child

The child whom learn to be unselfish, will obey to requirements of mother to please her.It will bury in subconsciousness the original desires selfish desires and thanks to it will keep them and remains selfish for the rest of life.So moral education achieves the objectives, opposite that which put.Similarly affairs and in the sexual sphere are.A moral ban of the childhood fixes infantile interest in sex.Unfortunate guys who are arrested for infantile sexual actions display to schoolgirls of obscene photos or game with the genitals on public it is people who had highly moral mothers.


I silently hung up.To a throat nausea rose; I all shivered for anger and disappointment.Mr.Harlou did not even ask that occurred!Did not come to its mind that it is worth listening also to other party.Everything is very simple: I not such as everything means, I am guilty of everything!Templ who calls?mother asked from a drawing room.It me?No.I made a deep breath and entered a drawing room where all family gathered.Mother read aloud to sisters and the brother; the father had a rest after work with the newspaper in hands.

The earth

Walls and a ceiling were turned together with me, and I seemed to myself the mighty empress of the world: after all I should have wanted and all room started shaking!Sometimes I went to the yard and turned on a rope swing, as on a roundabout.The earth and the sky span round me, and I was happy.Of course, ordinary children too like to shake on a swing, but only autichny are capable to enjoy for hours process of rotation.In an internal ear at the person the mechanism agreeing on information arriving from visual and vestibular receptors is located.

Honest. She was the dark, uneducated

The teacher

Development of phonemic perception Find pictures in which name there is a sound with, and put them to a page letter.Before the child pictures in which name there are sounds with and z give all the best.The teacher calls words, and the child finds the necessary picture.Definition of a position of a sound in words.Reading syllables a mustache, a sou, wasps, with Occupation Automation of a sound with in syllables with confluence of consonants Development of an articulation motility Coordination of breath, articulation and fonation.

What do we see at the left, and what

Will incline!head forward down exhalation nose.Lets look, whether will be rain to Raise the head in an initial position, then to cast away back a breath a mouth, to return to an initial position an exhalation a nose.What do we see at the left, and what on the right?To look to the right to see watermelon, to look on the left to see melon.To turn the head in the parties: on the left a breath a nose directly an exhalation a mouth; to the right a breath a mouth directly an exhalation a nose.

To the noble

And after all Anything is always full of the most terrible and deeprooted defects, it is other pole of the Person.The person is his advantage.Our famous physiologist academician A.A.Ukhtomsky claimed that in life the immutable law of the honored interlocutor works.Here remarkable law of Ukhtomsky: each person meets in the life of such people what he deserves.To the noble person all turn the noble party of soul, round bad all durna.Near cunning all start using cunning, near kind and all partly become kinder.

Pine forest, chorus, pie, hill, crust, mink, pattern, yard, forage, stern, axe, Egor, fence, tomato, TV, carrots, Fedor. Board, borsch, engine, yard, fence, pie, cottage

And good

IF In a family divide children on bad and good, it, as a rule, generates rivalry between them.The bad child considers that he all the same will not be such good, as his brother or the sister.And good often believes that it is noticed only when it in something is better than the disobedient colleague.Good can even play a dirty trick bad, dismissing about him gossips or provoking to a bad act to strengthen the superiority.On one of occupations of course PPD Reorientation of behavior of children one mother told: I cannot believe that my daughter could provoke the brother to such act!

It is possible

I am deeply touched by love and care of teachers and doctors Templ.It is possible therefore the unpleasant episode in camp so upset me.For the first time to me the people who did not manage to get on with Templ met.I think that their shock and a panic were caused by outdated views on sexual education.Mrs.Dee warned Mrs.Nortrup, the director of camp that in a cottage Templ it is necessary to appoint the skilled teacher.Nan is pleasant and nice, but she does not make impression of the skilled teacher.

Example. Shortly

Except social

Except social justice or injustice, there are also troubles, losses, misfortunes, diseases, and they drop out at all not that who deserved them who itself is guilty.From the first days of life bringing up the child encouragement and punishments, that is trying to influence him directly, we strongly facilitate to ourselves education work, but at the same time we introduce an image of a universal carrot and stick in consciousness of the child and we undermine his belief in justice.

At weekly

Mostly I tried to fit into a situation and not to create to people around of excess problems.And my efforts did not remain without award.I was awarded elections in school committee.At weekly allschool meetings I was police officer: kept order and if ktonibud started whispering and disturbing meeting, brought names of violators in a special book.I very much wanted to get to committee and for the sake of such purpose refused the usual entertainments like hiding of someone elses clothes before a physical education class.

A certain

My work on behavior of cattle and the treatment of him became pioneer in this area.Teachers of college, whose scientific interests lay in the field of veterinary science and healthy nutrition, did not understand, what here in general to investigate.Their misunderstanding urged forward my tendency to fixings and gave me additional motivation for occupations in the field.A certain degree of obstinacy is necessary for achievement of any purpose.Otherwise I could tell: The hell with them, I will write chtonibud such that will be pleasant to teachers.

And the more

Slightly more slowly!The quicker we seek to make something, the we put bigger pressure upon our children.And the more we press on them, the they become more tenacious.Act slightly more slowly!We have no time for rash actions!How to affect the twoyearold child Most of all efforts the child at the age of two years delivers to parents.We often hear that the twoyearold child shows excessive obstinacy, provocatively behaves and from all words prefers only one no.

Only this

In general parents should confer perhaps heavy responsibility on the child, ensuring thus properly its physical safety.Only this way it is possible to develop selfconfidence at the child.Obedience and discipline There is a blasphemous question: and why, actually, the child has to obey?I answer it so: he has to obey to satisfy aspiration of the adult to the power, why still?Well, you will tell, he after all can have wet feet if does not obey the instruction to put on boots; it can fall down from the rock if does not obey to a fatherly hail.

Noun gender. About

I knew the father, very

The child as the textbook, it demands full attention.I knew the father, very busy and seldom staying at home person.He delivered himself the rule: half an hour in day on the daughter; but he prepared for these halfhour meetings, thought out games, songs, problems, he completely gave to the girl half an hour in day.And after all it is more expensive to education, than the whole day of semiattentive, optional, casual, scattered communication which offends the child and induces to pranks and mischief.

If the child

I believe that the child should give opportunity to come to understanding of value of things on the basis of own free choice.When children leave a preadolescent stage of indifference to property, they get respect for property.If the child naturally lived the period of indifference to things, it is a little probable that he sometime became the speculator and the exploiter.Girls usually do not put too serious destructions because their imaginations do not demand the piracy ships and gangster dismantlings.

I spent Christmas

This fourth large improvement of my press car.And each improvement helps me stronger to overcome everything the taktilnozashchitny behavior which is fencing off me from other world.I spent Christmas of in the parental house, suffering from one of the nervous attacks, strongest in life.As its main reason loss of a habitual situation served that is always hard transferred at autism.Other reason a season.Did not manage to dawn as right there darkened.Some years I lived in Arizona and was engaged in habitual work and suddenly absolutely other conditions, events, duties.

Call all sounds

For example: noise, mouse, step, calm, fish soup, ear, onions, varnish, juice, son, dream, cheese, moss, poppy, nose, som, mine, whale, current, so, May, echo, Kim, emu, they, lump, already.Call all sounds one after another.How many sounds in the word?How many consonants?Call a vowel.After children seized the sound analysis of the words consisting of three sounds it is possible to get to work on the sound analysis and synthesis of the words consisting of four sounds, for example: cinema, horses, notes, cats, whales, Nina, mother, father, sieve, sledge, puma, fox, pony, ooze, Tim, duck, ducks.

Healthy sex for certain

Lawrence, of course, did not mean that it is impossible to masturbate, he showed what exactly unhealthy sexual life compels to resort to masturbation in combination with imaginations about movie stars.Healthy sex for certain would look for the partner closer.Think of huge profits which are taken from the suppressed sex by the people occupied in the industry of fashion, dealers in lipstick, church, theater and a cinema, authors of bestsellers and producers of stockings.Would be silly to say that sexually free society would cancel beautiful clothes, of course not.

Now, years

It touched us in an odnomedinstvenny case when wanted to spank.Now, years later, I understand that Ms.Cray felt, loud sounds are how unpleasant to me.The matter is that noise not only frightens the autichny child, but also brings it almost physical pain.Festive parties were real torture for me.Suddenly in the house there were many people; all of them terribly rustled, and then also promptly kudato disappeared.And I was protected only in the ways available to me: beat other children or threw through all room any subject which appeared near at hand whether it be a plate, a glass or an ashtray.

The only child

The only child can be not worse than other children under that only condition that his parents understand: one cannot be brought up in the same way, as five or seven; it is necessary somehow in a different way.The loner boy moreover without father moreover in an environment of the same loner boys without fathers, how to raise such children?Moreover after all it is children of an era of television who knows, what in the head of the child, threefour hours in day sitting at the TV?Enough separate, casual, diverse impressions in a huge number?


To ask lessons from the tenthgrader who did not do them from the sixth class, nonsense.It cannot prepare for examinations if before did not study but only sat at school.Therefore each parental reproach, in itself fair, bores on the guy only.He is also glad to study and cannot, so unsuccessfully there was its school destiny.What now and to damn it?And to vinovatit it?To it and to make daily rows which on a step do not advance business, and only cause animosity?

I descend

At a sparrow of a nozhenk, Oh, as was ill!Oh, as was ill!To smooth with a hand a sore foot.To represent a crane who costs on one foot, goes to a bog, catches frogs.Crane On a bog I go, Extensively I look.Often I bend down, I eat Klyukovka.I descend on a streamlet, I will make to myself a tea.I will drinkdrink, The summer is red to remember.V.Bokov Vertisheyki In a hollow at a motley vertisheyka Baby birds turn a neck Put out sticky tongue, On all hiss an angry snake.


Do not trouble him, do not use, achieve the objectives at own expense, and only for the due to the work, the experience, the knowledge, the sufferings, the forces, the time, the property, the abilities, the skill, the health or maybe the life.But also do not encroach on yourself!Encroach on the life and the health only for the sake of such purposes which cost life and health.Everything in what there is no infringement of the person, is moral.I did not manage to think up the purpose which would be immoral in itself.

I did not notice

Nortrup when I told some words well, I at her also did not say them.I did not notice that though ktoto in camp had sympathy to Templ.All of them could not wait when get rid of it.When I took away Templ and already seated her in the car, the nurse said, having represented a warm smile: Wait, I will show you, what charming bagatelles of Templ made in infirmary!Real little artist!I nearly sniffed aloud.The poor child was pumped up so hypnotic drugs that it could hardly draw a straight line!

, and then

, and then goes in a row: strutter, upstart, is brought, poses as, poses as not particularly whom, is exposed, and you who such?, was here!, we saw such, will think, too to me!and so indefinitely, to rather recent do not arise, and all new and new words and expressions of this sort appear every day.Do not put from yourself, do not try to seem better, than you are.Be oneself.In this world from its basis and up to now respect only those who estestven who looks such what it is actually.

The girl

The daughter sat quietly, rocking in the armchair rocking chair while the father read the newspaper.The girl began to be shaken all quicker and quicker until the armchair overturned, and she did not appear under it, on a floor.The father rejected at once the newspaper, ran up, picked up an armchair and released from under it the baby.Then incurred it on hands in the chair and a quarter of hour calmed.Three days later the girl again approached the father who read the newspaper.

That evening, already

Here example.I was going to give lecture in the hometown and asked the son who at that time was eight years old, to go with me for moral support.That evening, already going to a door, I incidentally looked at jeans in which was.Tyler.The naked knee of my son stuck out of a huge hole.My heart stood with surprise.I asked it to change clothes of them immediately.He firmly told no, and I understood that to me not to cope with him.

Here if the child

Here if the child has real hudozhestvennotvorchesky purposes and after carrying out the occupations offered in this work they by all means will arise!, if he besides realizes that the disobedient hand prevents it to achieve these desired objectives, here then it will be able to exercise these qualities randomly.And here again the child is come to the rescue by the adult, offering various game receptions thanks to which the hand of the child will become more flexible, more obedient to an eye and thought.

Could and is worse

Told and forgot.Could and is worse something tell But if I pass this bad word, without having noticed if anything in reply does not occur, later any time the boy and itself will cease to use strong words after all not in airless, not he lives in deserted space.And if I concentrated its attention on the bad word, he forever would remember it, it would become stronger in his consciousness and the boy would know that as required it is possible to use this word he would see, what effect it has.


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